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Established 1984

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We are a small family business which has been providing Hot Tub cleaning, repairs and services for over twenty years.

We work mostly in the Park City, Utah area but are based in Salt Lake.

Our business practice is simple: Do it well.
After years of cleaning hot tubs we know just about everything that can happen, and how to fix it. From algae growth, to broken equipment, we can help.Most of our customers have been with us for over 10 years and are always happy with the service.

Hot Tubs are all we do
Many companies offer to clean your house, water plants, shovel snow, keep your garden, take care of your grass, and throw taking care of your hot tub in the mix also. We are different because all we do is hot tub work. 

Thanks for visiting. For any additional info you can always contact us

Phone: (435) 640-2710
Fax: (801) 487-3463
PO BOX 680492
Park City UT. 84068